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July Update

Hello friends. This month, just like the last, has been unreal. I now have an agent for my full-length novel and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Jason Yarn of Jason Yarn Literary Agency was one of the first agents I queried around this time last year with my pitch for a ‘scorpion and turtle’ retelling in space with a sentient ship and a human passenger on the run after becoming a suspect in a crime on Mars. I spent a year going through the motions and eventually diverted my attention to short stories but there was always still that lingering of hope that this story would find an agent. After speaking with Jason, I am over the moon, as they say. Chuffed! He’s the right agent at the right time.

In the short story trenches, I have spent most of this month trying to apply varying amounts of polish to previously abandoned drafts in hopes of pumping new blood into my feed on the submissions grinder. One that I’m feeling fairly good about and have now sent out involves cryo-sleep, a religious leader, a plucky hacker heroine, and a comet on its way to end all life on an alternate version of Earth. Another is a novelette I completed very recently, but I’m less certain about this one ever finding an audience. We’ll see.

Lastly, my second showing in Clarkesworld looks like it might be happening sooner rather than later. There will be an update here when it does.

What I’m currently reading: Snow Crash, God Emperor of Dune.

What I’m currently watching: Power, Black Sails.

What I’m currently listening to: Kendrick Lamar still.

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