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June Update

This month has been hard to believe, to put things mildly. I landed another story acceptance from Clarkesworld. Before that—technically in late May—came a story acceptance from Interzone. More recently, a literary journal called Signal Mountain Review accepted another story of mine. It’s very exciting but also a little nerve-wrecking.

I’m not sure when the Interzone with me in it will be published but that’s the one I’m the most thrilled about. It’s the first story I completed after deciding to give short fiction a try and it’s also the one I’ve spent the most time trying to find a home for. Titled ‘The Building Across the Street,’ it’s about a man who makes a whirlwind discovery about himself while running from the dystopian agency tasked with monitoring the city’s homeless population. The story unfolds via an unreliable narrator and includes epistolary segments in which an alien lifeform describes its journey through the cosmos after its homeworld is destroyed.

‘Slight Forms’ will be appearing in Clarkesworld and, as with the story in Interzone, I’m currently not sure when. This one concerns a character suffering from a condition where they remember traumatic events they never actually lived through. Lastly, ‘White Sedan’ will be included in the Fall issue of Signal Mountain Review. It’s the shortest thing I’ve written so far and possibly the darkest. It’s about a young girl, her uncle and a case of mistaken identity as they drive through a near-future Texas town with all its human inhabitants evicted to make room for a VR company’s data centers.

What I’m currently writing: a novelette about graphic design, tic-tac-toe, tattoos, and the noosphere. I’m not sure there’s a market anywhere for this if I’m being honest but it’s one of those things where I just need to get it out of my head so I can move on to something else.

What I’m currently reading: Snow Crash.

What I’m currently watching: The Boys.

What I’m currently listening to: The new Kendrick Lamar.

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