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R.T. Ester - Fiction and other things
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News and Updates

  • June Update

    June Update

    This month has been hard to believe, to put things mildly. I landed another story acceptance from Clarkesworld. Before that—technically in late May—came a story acceptance from Interzone. More recently, a literary journal called Signal Mountain Review accepted another story of mine. It’s very exciting but also a little nerve-wrecking. I’m not sure when the […]

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  • Love, Death and Robots Season 3: Episode Rankings

    Love, Death and Robots Season 3: Episode Rankings

    I did one of these posts in 2019 for season one of Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots so here’s another, starting from most enjoyed to least. The Very Pulse of The Machine This entry is first in the rankings partly because of the severe case of imposter syndrome it left me with when it was […]

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  • Hello Clarkesworld!

    Hello Clarkesworld!

    Hello, friends. The title up there is a riff on how every WordPress install comes with the default ‘Hello world!’ post. But also… waoh! I got my first ever published anything into Clarkesworld! It’s called Meddling Fields and it comes in at almost 5900 words, which for some reason I thought was just an insane […]

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