Published work


Antiques for Okras
‘The Utopia of Us’ Anthology, Luna Press, May 2024

Sleeping Arrangements
Interzone Digital, April 2024


Rake the Leaves
Clarkesworld, April 2023
Audio Version

The Moon Eel Bennett in Conversation with the Astronaut Who Came Back for It
Interzone Digital, March 2023

The Building Across the Street
Interzone, January 2023

Anais Gets a Turn
Clarkesworld, January 2023
Audio Version


White Sedan
Signal Mountain Review, Fall 2022

Slight Forms
Clarkesworld, August 2022
Audio Version
(Chinese translation available in Science Fiction World)

Meddling Fields
Clarkesworld, March 2022
Audio Version

R.T. Ester - Fiction and other things
Photo by Al Ibrahim (Creative Commons)


Blinking Functions
Eat the Rich Anthology, Atomic Carnival Books, August 2024

After Stasis
Interzone, TBD