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R.T. Ester – Fiction and other things
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News and Updates

  • January Update

    January Update

    On this February’s eve, I wanted to wish everyone out there a Happy New Year! It’s been a good month for me. My novelette ‘Anais Gets a Turn‘ was published by Clarkesworld on the first and my short story ‘The Building Across the Street‘ is included with the stories in issue #294 of Interzone, which…

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  • August Update

    August Update

    Happy August 31! With the whole month ahead of us, it’s time again to check in with news from RT-world. First, I have another story out in Clarkesworld, this one titled Slight Forms. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out and I’m continuing to count my blessings that I have now had my first…

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  • July Update

    July Update

    Hello friends. This month, just like the last, has been unreal. I now have an agent for my full-length novel and I couldn’t be more pleased. Jason Yarn of Jason Yarn Literary Agency was one of the first agents I queried around this time last year with my pitch for a ‘scorpion and turtle’ retelling…

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  • June Update

    June Update

    This month has been hard to believe, to put things mildly. I landed another story acceptance from Clarkesworld. Before that—technically in late May—came a story acceptance from Interzone. More recently, a literary journal called Signal Mountain Review accepted another story of mine. It’s very exciting but also a little nerve-wrecking. I’m not sure when the…

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